Born in Paris, 1979. Frédéric Mery mainly works as a photojournalist, documentary photographer and commercial videographer.

He lives and works in Kyoto, Japan.

After studying law at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Frédéric devoted himself to what was back then his main passion: photography.
Alongside more commercial works, his personal projects focuses mostly on what matters for him, i.e environmental and social issues.

Frédéric gives a lot of importance to the people he photographs. He sees photography as a slow process, intimacy being the key for a great picture. His work associates portraits and landscapes and includes long term projects as well as short assignments.

His deep interest for documentary photography will make him travel from the USA to Kazakhstan, stopping by most of the former Soviet republics. From these last trips, he crafted over a period of 3 years a body of work entitled « In Between Easts », showcasing pictures shot between Moldova and Ukraine.

In September 2019, looking for new horizons, Frédéric Mery moved to Japan.

Frédéric Mery is a member of Hans Lucas and the photo collective Koga Photos.


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